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Class Booking:

  • Please check the detailed booking guide on how to use Momence for booking

  • All group classes will be open for booking 7 days in advance. Bookings are open till 5 minutes before class. If a group class is cancelled due to insufficient registrants, bookings will be closed when the cancellation is confirmed, and you will receive an email notification. 

  • Courses are open for registration as soon as they are announced. Registration is open till the starting day of the course. 

  • Private classes can be booked on the private class booking page, or you can arrange separately with your private instructor. 

How to Prepare for Class:

  • Mat Yoga & Mat Pilates class: Please wear comfortable & well-fitted clothing so that instructors can see and help you correct your form and posture. 

  • Pilates Reformer class, please wear comfortable & well-fitted clothing, and bring a pair of grip socks, or you can purchase at the studio.  

  • Bellydance & Chinese dance class: it is recommended to wear matching dance clothes, but it's not compulsory. You can simply wear any comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. There are also dance clothes available for purchase at the studio, kindly arrive earlier and inform the instructor in advance if you prefer to purchase before your class. 

  • For Sound healing & meditation class, you can simply wear comfortable clothes that are easy to relax in. As body temperature tends to go down during sound healing, you may also consider bringing a jacket, eye mask, shawl, and neck pillow for comfort. 

Do bring a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated. 

Please arrive 10 minutes before class to settle down. Latecomers will not be allowed into class 15 minutes after class commences, and class credits won't be refunded.​

Address & Classrooms

Address: 2 Venture Drive, VISION EXCHANGE, Singapore 608526 (Connected to Jurong East MRT with overhead shelter)

Aha Move has 2 classrooms: #02-29 and 02-09

  • For Pilates Reformer training, please go to #02-29

  • For Aerial Yoga classes, kindly go to #02-09

  • For all other classes, they will be conducted at #02-29 or #02-09. The exact classroom is indicated in the class details.  We have also put up the full schedule on the glass wall outside each classroom, so that you can check the exact classroom upon arrival.  

​Cancellation Policy

  • 1-Credit standard group classes need to be cancelled at least 5 hours before starting time to get your credit refund

  • 2-Credit or more VIP group classes need to be cancelled at least 12 hours before starting time to get your credit refund

  • Private classes need to be cancelled at least 12 hours before starting time to get your credit refund

  • Choreography classes and workshops are curated sessions, hence they are non-refundable upon registration. 

If you are unable to attend but did not cancel within the timeframe stated above, then your credits will still be deducted accordingly and cannot be refunded. 


If you wish to cancel a class booking, kindly login to in your browser or mobile app. For details, please refer to the detailed booking guide.

Check Membership Package Balance

  • We recommend downloading the Momence mobile app for this purpose: : iPhone user / Android user.

  • Login to your Momence account in the app. If it's your first time, please refer to the detailed booking guide.

  • After you've logged in, click on Account --> My Memberships, then you'll be able to see the available memberships, package balance and expiry date. 

  • If you still cannot find the details you need, kindly contact our customer service. 


Package Extension

  • All packages include 30 days of goodwill extension, please contact us to submit your request. 

  • For special circumstances (e.g. pregnancy, hospitalisation), please email and submit your supporting documents for verification. 

  • Other than that, we will stick to the original expiry date of your packages strictly. Any un-utilised credits in the packages will be forfeited upon expiry. 

Package Sharing

  • All long-term group class packages can be shared. Monthly subscriptions cannot be shared. 

  • All members under this shared package can make their own bookings independently and choose to deduct credits from this shared package. 

  • If you wish to share your existing package with your family & friends, please contact us and provide their names, emails, phone numbers, and we will setup for you accordingly. You will receive an update from us once the setup is completed. 

  • Each package can be shared among 5 people. If you wish to share the package with more people, there will be a processing fee of $50/pax. Any changes / cancellation of package sharing will also require a processing fee of $50/pax. 

  • Kindly note that those who has access to your shared package will be able to use the credits freely. Aha Move will not have the access to control how the credits are used after sharing. 


Monthly Subscription Cancellation 

Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled 24hrs before the auto-renewal date/time. For now Momence only support this feature in the web browser: 

  1. Please go to​ in your browser

  2. Login to your account

  3. Go to My Membership and find your monthly subscription

  4. Click on the 3 dots on the right side of this monthly subscription, and select Cancel Auto-Renewal

  5. That's it! You will receive a confirmation email after you've cancelled successfully

Note: The above steps are only applicable for monthly subscriptions. All other packages are non-refundable. 

Choosing the Right Package / Class Type

  • Group Classes: for keeping fit on a daily basis

  • Special courses / choreography classes: suitable for intensive training

  • Private classes: suitable for targeted training

  • For details, kindly refer to Class Recommendation

If your answers are not listed above, please refer to the more detailed FAQ doc, or contact customer service. 

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