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Referral Programme

Referral Rewards for Existing Members

If you are an existing Aha Move member and bring a friend (who is not an existing Aha Move member), your friend is eligible for a free 1-credit group class worth $39!

If the referred friend purchases any packages above $500, you will also get 2 group class credits worth $78!

How to Refer Your Friends

  1. Go to in your browser and login to your account

  2. Click on "Refer & earn" in the menu at the bottom left 

    • Step 1: Select a Host. Kindly select Aha Move. This step is crucial as it will affect the link in the next step.

    • Step 2: Share Your Invite Link. Please copy this link and forward to your friends. That's all!


Your Friend's Registration Steps

  1. When your friend clicks on your referral link, they will see the Aha Move sign up page. 

  2. Once they've filled in their details successfully, they will see this confirmation message saying they have received 1 credit. 

(Note: if they don't see this message after signing up, it means they already have an account registered with us.)

Your Friend's Booking Steps

  1. Once your friend has registered successfully, they can proceed to make bookings on the Group Classes booking page or via Momence app. 

  2. Before booking confirmation, your friend will see the option to use class credit. They can simply click on BOOK NOW to confirm their booking. 

  3. ​If they need to cancel / change classes, they will be able to do so like how you manage bookings via website or Momence app. 

Your Reward After Your Friend Purchase a Package Above $500

  1. Your friend purchases a package above $500 via Momence or customer service

  2. ​You don't need to do anything on your end. Once your friend's purchase is successful, the system will automatically add 2 class credits in your account. These 2 credits do not belong to any packages, you can simply select them during class booking, similar to how your friend book classes (shown above). 

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