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Private Classes

If you have an existing Private Class Package or Group Class Package, you can make a booking below using your credits. 

If you do not have any existing package and have not tried any private classes with these teachers, you can also proceed to make a booking directly. You'll get to enjoy first-time trial promotion for each type of the private classes, the matching promo code is listed on the booking page (after you've selected the type of class and instructor). 

If you have not used Momence before, kindly head to and reset your password using the email you've registered with us, then you will be able to book classes on this page. 

>> Click here for detailed registration and booking guide

After you've attended the trial class, if you decide to purchase any private class package or small group classes, you'll be able to enjoy S$100 discount for payment via PayNow. 

If you are looking for group classes, kindly proceed to group class booking page

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