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Aha Challenge

How to Participate

In 30 days, publish 10 posts (videos, photos, text) regarding your experience at Aha Move on one of the following social media platforms. Content published needs to be public. 

  • Xiaohonghu: kindly add @AHA MOVE #AhaMoveSG in your posts

  • WeChat Video channel: kindly add @AHAMOVE #AhaMoveSG in your posts

  • Instagram: kindly add @aha_move #AhaMoveSG in your posts

  • TikTok International: kindly add @ahamovesg #AhaMoveSG in your posts

Note: to verify if you've published successfully, all @ and # tags need to be clickable 

After you've published 10 posts, please submit your social media screenshots here

If you've published via multiple channels (e.g. Xiaohongshu + Instagram), please upload the screenshots of all social media platforms. 

How to find your account screenshots: 

  • Xiaohongshu: click on the 小红书号 on your homepage, display your Xiaohongshu namem ID & QR code, then screenshot & upload

  • WeChat Video channel: open your video channel homepage, display the complete video channel name, then screenshot & upload

  • Instagram: open your homepage, click on Share profile to show the QR code, then screenshot & upload

  • TikTok International: open your homepage, click on the top left corner to display QR code, then screenshot & upload



For every 10 posts published on a single platform, you'll be able to get 2 x Aha Move credits (valid for 1 month), which you can use for all 1-credit and 2-credit group classes.

Posts published on different platforms will be counted separately and rewards will be done separately. 

This challenge is a long-term activity, you can get rewards for every 10 posts published in 30 days.

For all posts submitted each month (as of the last day of each month), rewards will be added to your account during 7th-14th of the next month, and you will be notified via email once it's done. 

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