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Booty & Leg Sculpt Course

Shape Your Perfect Butt, Pelvis, and Legs, Strengthen Your Core!

Targeted solutions for a perfect body shape.

Scientific fat loss methods and practical dietary advice provided.

  • Improve Butt Shape: V-shaped butt, sagging arms, and hip expansion fixed.

  • Optimize Pelvis: Say goodbye to artificially wide hips, tighten pelvic line.

  • Enhance Leg Curves: Solve X-shaped, O-shaped, and outward-turned calves.

  • Strengthen Your Core: Perfect core, strong pelvic floor and inner thigh muscles.

Date: Tuesday & Friday 8:20-9:50pm for 5 weeks, total 10 classes (Rolling start as soon as we have enough registrants)
Cost: S$980 or book using 60 credits from Aha Move Packages
Venue: Aha Move, #02-29, 2 Venture Drive, Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526

Note: Course registrations are non-refundable. 

Course Features: Super small class size (4 people max), personalized guidance from professional trainer.

Course language: Chinese

Join us at Aha Move and embark on Your Journey to Beautiful Butt and Legs! 

Kindly register your interest below and our customer service will contact you to arrange for course booking. 


Register Your Interest


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